Hi my name is Michel Laredo AKA Momo, and I have been a musician producer manager and professional brander for over 40 years. After many years of witnessing firsthand the damages of musicians and artists giving away their power to an industry that likes to chew you up and spit you back out again , I decided to help artists and musicians  all over the world ( online and in the analog world) to reclaim their individual power and give them the confidence and know how to become an independent creator using the new  incredible tools we now have on hand, and now  I have finally created my  online classes to help you become The Stay at Home rock star I know you deserve to be! The way I became one when I decided I wanted to become a creator on my own terms. From my own space , with my own rules. As a motivator I can use my voice and knowledge about the creative human to move you into the direction you wish you were already in, and as an independent musician I can speak a language you understand and help  you also become a Stay At Home Rock Star.

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